unexpected summits & spells: the harry potter cafe

Hello friends!

A couple days ago, the realisation that I only had a few days left in Singapore hit me. Naturally, I went ahead and did some things I’ve wanted to do in Singapore, but never got around to.

Of course I had to get to the highest point of Singapore, a 164 m hill.

It’s only ten minutes up to the summit (I still laugh every time I say that) of Bukit Timah Hill, but it’s quite steep, and in the Singapore heat, you work up a sweat!

To cool down and get some lunch, my mom and I headed over to Platform 1094, the Harry Potter Cafe (although I don’t think they’re allowed to say Harry Potter inspired because of the franchise).

You can buy flaming drinks (goblet of fire?!?!?!) and soup in cauldrons, as well as plenty other bites. My mom went for a salad and I went for the carrot beetroot soup. We also split some spam fries.

The cafe also has robes and Harry Potter glasses to wear, as well as wands and stuffed animal owls to use as props.

Our food was good, but the main courses (rather than the soups, salads, and sides) looked delicious. I’d recommend ordering from the main courses, as they looked much yummier and more filling!

Overall, it was a really fun experience full of photo ops, good food, and Harry Potter.


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