unexpected decisions: why i decided to cancel my dream trek


I’ve been dreaming of doing the three passes trek since the first time I came to Nepal.

After hearing about crossing three high passes, seeing the Gokyo Lakes, and making it to Everest Base Camp, The Three Passes Trek quickly jumped to the top of my list.

I’ve returned to Nepal twice since initially making the trip out, and the third time I was in Nepal, I knew I was going to complete it.

After spending some time interning in Pokhara and trekking up to Annapurna Base Camp, I set out for the three passes, absolutely determined to get it done!

And, well, I didn’t.

I decided to abandon the first of the three passes after hearing that the weather wasn’t so good. Slippery rocks, crevasses, and altitude you aren’t acclimated to… those factors are enough on their own, adding bad weather and hella snow into the mix didn’t sound so safe. I’m also a solo trekker, so despite possibly going over the pass with others, I didn’t want to take the risk.

I continued onto Everest Base Camp, the stop after the first pass. On the way up, I learned that two people had gone missing on the second pass, adding to the other four missing on another.

It was then that I decided that the three passes would have to wait. Although absolutely gutted about my decision, I knew it was definitely smarter for me to save the trek for another time.

Plus, it made Mom happy.

You’ll be reading about my Everest Base Camp trek on Monday, so stay tuned!!!


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