unexpected birthdays: 17 favourite travel memories

Today is my younger sister (Montserrat/Squish/the taller sibling)’s seventeenth birthday!

I am immensely lucky to have been traveling with her since the age of three. I can’t think of a better travel companion.

17 of my favourite travel memories with Montserrat, with only the cringiest of photos.


1. Climbing & Camping in Joshua Tree, CA

2. Chasing Waterfalls in Obed, Tennessee


3. Bouldering in France

4. Hiking through Cinque Terre, Italy


5. Shopping in San Giminano, Italy


6. Being Embarassing Muggles at Platform 9 3/4 in London


7. Walking Along Old City Walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia

with some pretty cool visors and sunglasses


8. Finding Starfish in the Bahamas


9. Exploring Lisbon’s Alleyways


10. Taking Night Trains through Thailand


11. Riding in Tuk Tuks throughout Laos


12. Playing on AMAZING playgrounds in Chiang Mai, Thailand


13. Wearing Traditional Lao Clothing (& crocs)


14. Arguing the Entire Kayak Trip Back from the Climbing Spot in the Middle of the Ocean in Thailand

over how to paddle… it’s a miracle we made it back to shore


15. Trekking Up Mount Kinabalu, Borneo.


16. Eating, Climbing, & Biking Our Way through China

(more like eating, biking, and watching our parents climb)


17. Being Allowed to Hold Knives the Size of Our Heads in Yangshuo

(and being yelled at for making dumplings wrong at the age of 7 & 10)



Thank you for being the best little sister I could ask for. So much love for you. I can’t wait to keep traveling and having the most amazing experiences with you.

Also uhh thanks parents for taking us on the most incredible adventures since birth!?!?!?

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