unexpected fitness: how to stay healthy while traveling

When traveling, we often eat loads of local food; we don’t get that workout in; we let our healthy habits slip, because “we’re on holiday!”

Being a part time nomad, living half of my time on the road, I have learned how to minimize the fluctuation in my weight and stay relatively healthy.

Here are my tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

*DISCLAIMER* I am by no means a fitness professional. I am definitely not the MOST fit person (I still like to eat Brie and chocolate and fried chicken). I can’t guarantee that what works for ME will work for YOU. Also, if you don’t want to stay healthy while traveling, because you’re on holiday, you don’t have to! Do what you please and just enjoy the travel you get to do. 

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Ah, yes. The food. I find that food is a gateway to experiencing culture, so I think that it’s really important to eat the local food!

That being said, go for the veggies when possible. If you’re not going to try the local food and are going for something quick, try to go for cooked veggies, a protein, and some carbs. If you’re going to eat something relatively unhealthy, add veggies to your portion (if you’re going for pizza, go for pizza with mushrooms and spinach on it).

Keep that balance when possible! Don’t miss out on experiences because you’re so carefully watching what you eat.

Eat local fruit for breakfast (great in Southeast Asia)!

Skip out on added sugar to coffee, lassis, etc. Also, if alcohol isn’t a priority to you, skip out on the beer or mixed drinks! They’re full of sugars! If you really would like to drink, shots or liquors on the rocks (make sure the ice is clean and that you’re drinking REAL alcohol).

Try to adapt what you eat at home to something similar on the road… For example, I know I do best with a high protein, low carb diet, so I look for local dishes that mimic that.

ALSO drink lots of water!

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This is what I find the MOST effective for staying in shape.

I’m a pretty active person anyway, so this isn’t too difficult for me, luckily!

Try to walk when possible! Go on hikes and get lost exploring the town you’re in. If it’s too far to walk to, look into bicycles!

Going on runs in a new place is a great way to get the layout of the area.

Try out different active classes! If you’re in Thailand, try out Muay Thai! In Nepal/India/South Asia, try out yoga!

When out for the day, pack your own snacks! 

Stop eating when you’re full, and pay attention to when you’re hungry- acknowledge it!


Being healthy is a way of life! Let it extend into your travels, but don’t let it conquer them.

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31 thoughts on “unexpected fitness: how to stay healthy while traveling

  1. Brilliant post. I travel a lot, and ALWAYS give in to unhealthy habit whilst abroad. It’s so hard to get back on track when you’ve lapsed 🙂 These tips are simple because they are easily incorporated into a travel day! (Also cheap!)


  2. It feels like different countries have different effects, also the weather aha
    For example, Portugal is one of the worse so far, food is cheap, we have such a big tradition when it comes to cakes and desserts, our meals are usually 2/3 courses meal plus desserts, great cheeses and wines…
    On the other hand you kinda avoid eating in places like Norway because of how expensive it is there, or you’ll end up eating Maccas all the time.
    Good post 😉


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  4. I second the walking notion. Last year I visited friends in SFO and took loooong walks along the beach and city. Further, I tried to go without headphones as much as possible and just take in my surroundings. I used to live in SFO and saw it so much differently while walking around unplugged.


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