unexpected cooking: what to do near inle lake

Inle Lake is a place that some title “The Most Beautiful Place in Myanmar.” While I did find it beautiful, I found that once you saw the lake, you struggled with figuring out what to do. Here are the top moments of Inle Lake.

First off, definitely take your boat trip. Inle is a big vast lake with plenty of life! Beware of the fisherman, who will strike the classic “fishing post,” then ask you to cough up money. Enjoy the scenery, the tourist stops (they’re actually quite fun), and seeing everything the lake has to offer.

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At nighttime, the puppet show happens! Puppeteering is a lost art, so see it while you still can! Head over to it- it’s really special and absolutely adorable. It’s a passed down skill that not many have. The family that runs this show is absolutely wonderful – I could not recommend this more.

TO GET TICKETS: Just show up!


We all like food! Burmese food is a delicious cuisine. I HIGHLY recommend going to Win’s Cooking Class. She takes you to the market with her, where you buy your ingredients, then you go to her home. She teaches you how to make the most amazing food, and her family is the best. She’s a single mother supporting her entire family- her children, her mother, her siblings. It’s an absolutely amazing class helping out an absolutely amazing family. She also does massages! This, along with the puppet show, are must do’s.

TO BOOK : Stop by Shwe Chan Thar Street, Nandawunn Quarter, Nyaung Shwe,  or phone 09 428 371 395 . You can also go to Mr. A Tun tour agency, which I recommend. The owner is Mrs. A Tun, as her husband unfortunately passed away. She organises absolutely fantastic boat trips and makes getting to WIN’s cooking class easy as pie 🙂 Her agency is on Yonegyi street, across from Cassiopeia Hotel.

Lastly, get lost! The area is full of wonder, beauty, and amazing people.

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12 thoughts on “unexpected cooking: what to do near inle lake

      1. Not too shabby! It was on top of a hill so I ditched the bike and walked up, but the views were great. I’m pretty sure they give free tours throughout the day, though I’m not sure when. I was content with my reisling and the view.


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