unexpected gifts: 5 gifts that give back

Holiday season is here!

Winter is such a lovely season with so much to be thankful for! As the majority of you are travelers, I’m sure that you’ve seen poverty in one way or another. What better time than the holiday season to give back?

Here are my top gifts for fellow travelers that want to give back.

1. Lifestraw


For every Lifestraw product bought, Lifestraw will send clean water to an area in need. I personally LOVE my Lifestraw. It’s perfect for the traveler who likes to explore developing countries.

2. Janji


If you are going to buy running apparel (travelers need to work out somehow!), this is the place to go. They donate 10% of their sales to clean water projects.

3. House of Darlings


These clothes are all very cute and wearable -traveling or not! Each item partners with either Together We Rise, Keep a Breast, or Blood Water Mission.


toms .png

Shoes that help others! You buy a pair, they send a pair to a child in need. I personally love these shoes- they’re comfortable and great for travel.

5. Heifer

logo heifer.png

By giving this gift, you don’t actually get to give the person a present. 100% of what you give is instead used to buy an animal for a person in need. I am a strong advocate for this organization; their work is so so so important!


Happy holidays to all of you! Thank you for reading and emailing me, it really does mean a lot xx

One thought on “unexpected gifts: 5 gifts that give back

  1. Always the giver… from giving up your gift to Santa so he would give your little sister an American Girl doll to donating your gift money to Heifer and Elephant Nature Park. Love the reminder that we have so much – let’s give back…. any way we can.

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