unexpected tips: IPSY for the glam traveler

Alright, I’ve gotta admit it. As much as I talk about being a traveler who prides herself in carrying her life in a carry-on rucksack, I do love to put makeup on and dress up for evenings out.

Balancing that inner girly-girl with the more prominent dirty hippie is certainly a challenge, especially when that girly-girl wants to carry an entire bag dedicated to makeup.

Recently I was sent an ipsy glam bag, and that’s solved my problems!

ipsy is a beauty subscription service that sends you a small pouch full of beauty-related samples every month for just $10 a month! It’s not too expensive, so your travel funds won’t be used up!

The bag is sent in a pink little package. 10/10 getting that inner girly girl excited.



For the month of September, I was sent a bellapierre cosmetics mineral blush, a full sized CROWN blush brush, a small Tarte Tarteist mascara, a sample sized Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! deep conditioning mask, and a Sweet Lips lip balm.


I love sample sized products for traveling because of the efficiency. Some products you can use once (like the deep conditioning mask) and toss out, and others you can reuse for ages! Their small size is great for travel.

Better yet, ipsy sends their products in small little pouches. As you guys know, I love pouches for packing. I’d probably toss a lipstick and concealer into the pouch and pop it straight into my rucksack.

Without having to compromise style for space, I’m free to be either dirty hippie or girly girl whenever I’d like!






21 thoughts on “unexpected tips: IPSY for the glam traveler

  1. I would never use enough new makeup products to justify spending 10 bucks a month on this, but I could def see some of my girlfriends loving something like this 🙂 I love that they’re all travel-size though, and that pink bag is super cute!


  2. Nice article about a cool service. Agreed that pouches are the best! And I love that you’re writing for the girl who doesn’t want to compromise her girly side even though she’s laid back most of the time. Sounds like a lot of the awesome travelers I know 🙂


  3. Love this! I am a fully qualified make up artist, but travelling – I can’t remember the last time I work make up because it weighs my bag down so much! Great tips!


  4. I would love to know how to use make up to be honest but only use them in winter, in the summer with the tan I find it pointless, however it is nice to know in case I need it 😉


  5. Seems like a fun little gift to send to yourself or others as a birthday gift! Though the travel size is awesome, my inner environmentalist wishes the products could last longer, instead of throwing them away every month 😁I love the design of the bags though!


    1. I totally understand that! If the pots or containers are reusable, I’ll fill them up with conditioner or other little products, but I still feel guilty throwing the ones that can’t be reused away!


  6. I really love the sound of this service and am a huge fan of travel sized products. It sounds like a good way to try lots of new make-up products without it costing too much too. But I think this is probably a US thing and not available in the UK yet?


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