unexpected corsica

Ajaccio, Corsica is a wonderful little find! Crystal clear water, quaint little streets, and Napoleon’s home!

We got off the ship and found a market! After strolling through it and looking at all of the fresh fruits and veggies, preserved meats, and yummy cheeses, we started strolling by the ocean.


Our little ocean stroll was rewarded with the best views! Corsica really is a beautiful beach destination. There’s great sand, great weather, and the most incredible ocean!

We walked over to Napoleon’s home and paid the entrance fee. It’s 7 euros per adult and 5 for 19-26 year olds. 18 & unders are free! Adult admission is granted an audio guide, but everyone else (discounted rates) can rent the guides for 2 euros/guide. I’d say they’re worth the 2 euros, but I warn you: they don’t leave a detail uncovered, which is great, but they can be a little bit snoozy.

Corsica is supposed to have the most incredible ocean views, and there’s an amazing, challenging hike from the top to bottom of it (which is multi-day), but we didn’t get to see any of that. That being said, our little stop in Ajaccio was a wonderful way to experience just a little taste of it.



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