unexpected frejus

Our ship docked in San Raphaël. San Raphaël is a cute little beachside town in Southern France, a place to check out if you’re in St. Tropez or Nice, or even Monte Carlo!

We actually decided to check out a nearby town instead, as we wanted to see the arena from the Romans. We wheeled my grandmother the 45 minutes down to Frejus, along the boardwalk into the city.

We went first to the arena, which was closed (oops). We still hung around the outside and peeked through the gate to see it.



Instead, we went to the oldest church in Provance. It was absolutely beautiful!

After a beautiful lunch in the church square, we walked around the little town and then all the way over to Decathalon, a huge sports store.

It took us quite a while to walk there and after hanging out there, we began the tough walk home.


For me, our day in San Raphaël/Frejus wasn’t so much a day to travel and explore; it was a day to spend with my family. Believe it or not, I do care about some things more than travel 😉 . I think it’s important to remember in the midst of travel and adventure to stay grounded, and for me, time with my family does that.

What a lovely dayyyy! xx


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