unexpected eats: best gelato in rome

I wasn’t going to post about Rome UNTIL I found the best gelato I have ever eaten.

I am SUCH a gelato fanatic. Anyone who says they don’t like it is such a liar; it’s simply the greatest.

I was walking back to the hotel with Mumzies, Montserrat, my uncle, and my aunt, when we stumbled upon a packed gelato store.

In the food world, packed restaurant = good food, so of course we decided to try some.


For just 2 euros (TWO!), we each got small gelatos. Small isn’t a bad thing, however, as you can get up to two flavors!

You pay for your items first, then go to the counter to order flavors and the specifics.

I ordered a piccolo (small) cone of stracciatella (milk based gelato with chocolate flakes).

I was asked if I wanted chocolate at the bottom of my cone.


I had the option between hazelnut chocolate and white chocolate, and I went with hazelnut.

I was then asked if I’d like cream on top of my gelato. AGAIN, who would say no?!

I picked plain cream, but I could have also asked for coffee cream or chocolate cream.

The best gelato I’ve ever eaten. The gelato itself was light and fluffy, yet still incredibly rich and creamy; the chocolate at the bottom of the cone was a contrasting warm to the cold gelato itself; the cream on top was the fluffiest and freshest tasting cream! And it was only 2 euros!

Definite must.



multiple locations 





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