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unexpected pouch packing (trip prep pt 1)

NOTE: I’ve already written a very very general post on packing (so general and bad that its just embarrassing), but I’ve figured out the blogging/packing/travel thing out just a little more, so here’s a better post. I’ll probably make this a little trip preparation series, as I’m doing quite a bit of packing, not only for uni, but for my summer as well. ALSO ALSO recently I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice and packing was something someone had asked me about and it makes me so happy to be of actual help so woo thanks guys xx


I am the worst unpacker. I can promise you that. Coming home from a trip usually results in a giant mess on my floor, so I worked with my weaknesses and turned them into strengths. I’ve now got a kit that never leaves my backpack, and it makes packing for any trip much, much easier!

 *  *  *

Before getting into what my bag consists of, I think I should mention that I’m a big pouch person (hence the title) . I love to compartmentalize things into pouches, and I’ve found that I know exactly where everything is in doing so.
First off, I carry two bags with me traveling. One carryon bag (my backpack) and one seat bag (usually a small purse or a small backpack) . If my seat bag is a small backpack, I walk around with it on my front, which may look a little dumb, but works efficiently. I only travel carryon, with three exceptions: trekking (sleeping bag, down jacket, boots, poles), fencing tournaments (weapons ha), & when check in bags are free and I’m feelin’ lazy.
I’m currently packing for both my summer in Europe and my move Stateside, so this is 100% some of the stuff I’m bringing (although not all of it, those are different posts [to come soon!])

 *  *  *

In my seat bag (the one I have under my seat):
-Passport Cover (in an easy to reach place. Also holds my passport. and boarding pass)

I use a Jack Wills passport cover. It’s pretty standard, although I do like how bright it is, as it makes searching for it much easier!

-Wallet (with credit cards/ATM cards/ID/cash in various currencies but ALWAYS USD & destination’s local currency)
-Water bottle*
-Journal (a must-bring for me!)
-Liquids (TSA allows for one quart sized Ziploc bag)
-More headphones (I KNOW annoying)
I use a pair of SONY noise canceling headphones, which are a little bit of an investment, but I love them for travel (and the gym).
-Glasses & Case
-Flight Pouch :
This pouch is filled with everything I could possibly need for flying, and it’s placed in an easy-to-reach part of my bag. Inside, I’ve got…

-headphones (standard iPhone ones)

-lip balm (preferably a solid formula so TSA doesn’t get angry, but I’ve also traveled with small liquid-y formulas and nothings been said)

-chewing gum/mints/hard candy (yay fresh breath! Chewing/sucking also helps with the pain you can experience in your head and ears while descending)

-phone charger

-external battery



-LOCKS (so so so important!)

In my carryon bag (Deuter Womens Air Contact : 40+10 L)
-Packing Cubes (1 or 2 depending on the trip, hold clothing)
-Sunglasses & Case
-Shoes (stuff things in them if you need space)
-Makeup Pouch*
-Toiletries Pouch

-travel toothbrush

-toothpaste (I’m OBSESSED with Lush toothy tabs in the flavor ‘dirty’)

-shampoo and conditioner (also solid formulas by Lush)*

-bar of soap*



-hair brush
-Sleeping Bag Liner*
-Shower shoes/flip flops* (if staying in hostels)
-Electronics Pouch : Because I’m addicted to my phone and need it to constantly be charged. This is in my carryon bag, but still relatively easy to reach.

phone charger (moved from flight pouch post-flight)

external battery (also moved from flight pouch)

-headphones (same as above)

-laptop charger*

-adapters (look online before arriving to see which ones you need!)

-travel towel*

*things I will sometimes leave out (depending on location/how intensely I’m saving space)

Ok honestly this seems like a ridiculous amount of things, but if you don’t bring a whole lot of clothing, it’s not much! This is my go-to packing guide, and it’s always fit into my Deuter bag (with a ton of extra room).
Note: It’s best to pack light. If you don’t think you’ll need it, leave it. You can always buy things on the road. A general rule of thumb is to pack everything you need, then cut that in half 🙂
Best of luck and happy packing!

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