unexpected rainy days (basel)

Today I learned a couple things.

  1. Umbrellas are lifesavers.
  2. No, your oxfords are not waterproof.
  3. Small puddles next to you seem infinitely bigger when a truck splashes through said puddle.

Today was very wet. Rain is not the best while traveling, let me tell you. I woke up quite early because my Dad had a 6am business call.

After lounging around and eating breakfast (vanilla yogurt with peach, banana, and granola!), I decided to go out and do something. This is where lesson one occurred. I had given my dad my umbrella so he could get to work and of course, as soon as I stepped outside, it started sprinkling. Luckily, it kept to a light rain until I found a C&A and bought an umbrella for myself. I didn’t feel bad about buying one; it’s light and will be very loved in Singapore, especially during the rainy season.

Umbrella in hand (and protecting me from the rain), I started exploring.








I’m back at our little apartment currently, and I just snacked on a peach and some granola. I just ran the dishwasher (SUCH a luxury! Singapore doesn’t really have those), and after that’s finished, I’m going to make some lunch!

…Well, in reality, I went to the grocery store and THEN came home and made lunch. I had some “Singapore Salad” mix (funny how that works, huh?) dressed with some vinaigrette that I whipped up out of balsamic vinegar, honey, and water, as well as a vegan legume patty and a cheeky slice (two, if we’re being honest) of brie.

I swear the rain affects my motivation… I felt SO lazy… but I had laundry to do, so I got that done. Today’s been a pretty relaxing, uneventful day, but tomorrow I think I’m heading up to Colmar, France to escape the rain and lazy day syndrome.

Expect a blog post filled with tons of pretty pictures!!!

2 thoughts on “unexpected rainy days (basel)

    1. Currently I’m lucky enough to be full time traveling! I’m taking a gap year before university and then unfortunately the lifestyle will have to take a little pause!


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