unexpected ha long bay

Ugh the beauty of this place is unreal. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Being onboard the Paloma Cruise was the most relaxing, incredible experience. The staff was the sweetest, most helpful and comforting staff Gabby and I had met on our entire trip, and they brought joy and laughter to our faces every waking minute.


During our stay on the cruise, we had plenty of activities, including kayaking, visiting a floating village, seeing Amazing Cave, pictured below, and more stuff like swimming and drinking and just having a grand ‘ole time.



Dinner was absolutely fabulous onboard, with the freshest seafood and the most delicious dishes. Also, if you have dietary restrictions, Paloma caters to your needs (no, this isn’t sponsored by them- I just had the best experience!!!)





Gabby and I definitely enjoyed the 24 hour bar, where we were frequently visiting for the pina coladas and gin and tonics. They were reasonably priced, I think about 45000 dong for one, or about $3. IMG_2908


IMG_3207We visited a fab fab floating village during our stay on the Paloma, the largest one in Ha Long Bay. It was pretty cool to see. Gabby and I took a boat so we could photograph the sights, but the option to kayak was also on the table.

We also had a day to ourselves on the ship, since we were the only two people doing the 3 day/2 night option. Boy, was that a treat. We had a private guide, Tam (who is so so lovely!!!), kayak with us and we even got our own private beach lunch.








Gabby and I had the best time in Ha Long Bay, and I would 100% advise going here whilst in Vietnam. The beauty of this UNESCO site is so stunning, and it’s sure to make a trip you’ll never forget. IMG_2947




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