unexpected paris: photo blog

Stop 2: Paris. The city of love. The city I fell in love with.

Paris was filled with sososo many memories. Cam and I both loved Paris, and called it our favorite destination of our trip (there was tough competition, but it won). Since we only spent three days here, we packed a billion different activities into each day, hoping we’d be able to get everything done. I don’t think we got to see everything we wanted to, but hey, we had to leave something to return to. I cannot do Paris justice with words, so I thought that a photo blog would be the best way to showcase the beautiful city of lights.















A couple memories to note:

Sitting along the Seine, drinking a cheap bottle of wine, surrounded by businessmen and women.

Picnicking at the Eiffel, eating our fruit, brie, and baguette, talking about how we couldn’t BELIEVE we were in Paris (Paris!!!)

Waking up bright and early to see the Louvre, and spending hours getting lost in there, but not minding the slightest bit because it was beautiful.

Being upset that Cam didn’t love the Pomp. as much as I did (Its the best museum in Paris and I love it!!!! Its under 15 euros to get in and 800% worth it, in my opinion).

Our little apartment with the broken shower that would make our entire flat wet and that would bring sewage up BUT the incredible view of the Eiffel.

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