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unexpected amsterdam

Earlier this July, I was able to embark on a very unexpected adventure around Europe. The first stop? Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was beautiful. I went to the airport to pick up Cam (travel companion, best friend, ex-boyfriend, rum connoisseur), and then we wandered around the beautiful round of canals.

IMG_0343Amsterdam is not the crazy party city everyone assumes it is. Or maybe it is, if that’s what you’re looking for. Cam and I were a little jet IMG_0334_2lagged and tired, so we weren’t so into the endless drinking and smoking, along with other things (which our hostel mates most definitely partook in– magic truffles, what???). The canals were beautiful, and it was lovely to get lost amongst them.


Amsterdam gave off such a nice vibe for the first part of our trip, very relaxed and quiet… well, that was until nightfall. Cam and I definitely avoided the party scene. We aren’t the type to try out recreational drugs and drink until we can feel our livers begging us to stop, so the craziest night we had was at a bar, where we then had some cider and beer to wash down the port and (more) beer we had at dinnertime. The beer at the left was the beer Cam had at the bar. I’m no beer expert, I usually just have a sip of whatever lager is around here and there, but I really loved this one. It had the most delicious nutty taste, and it outshined any other beer on the trip.


When in Amsterdam, yes, you must see the typical tourist sights. The Rijks Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum.  They truly are spectacular and worth a visit. That being said, the days I enjoyed most in Amsterdam were the days that we got lost. We wandered through the streets and snapped photos of the different sights in between eating waffles and drinking coffee. We found the cutest old dock along a canal and sat there and drank warm beer and just enjoyed each others company. It was incredible.

One store in particular really caught my eye. It seemed like the perfect store to get my trip going, a sign of some sort, if you will. Just look at the store front!


The photo is a bit blurry, so for those that are a bit short on eyesight, the phrases posted on the windows are “Haven’t been everywhere, but its on my list,” “Say yes to adventure,” and “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.” Fitting, yes? One phrase on the other side of the wall really caught my eye, and as I found myself saying no to some of the typical tourist sights in exchange for less well known sights, I thought of this phrase.


Amsterdam was the perfect place to take a stroll and catch up with old friends. It can also be party heaven if you’re looking for that. Amsterdam is what you make it. I couldn’t be happier with the way Cam and I spent our time there. It was perfect.

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