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Our tour of Halong Bay took us back to Hanoi, so Gabby and I took an overnight train to Danang to get to Hoi An.
These were the cabins, which really weren’t too bad at all, excluding the cockroaches that we found. One was in my bed (eek!!!), but they all disappeared when the train started moving. The train ride was incredibly bumpy (I caught air a couple times), but bearable and convenient.
We arrived at the Da Nang train station and took a cab for $20 USD to Hoi An, about a forty five minute drive. In Hoi An, after checking into our hostel, House Backpackers, we explored a bit.
Quick note: House Backpackers was fabulous. Winnie, the receptionist/tour guide agent, was absolutely hilarious and they were so helpful. The dorms were also quite nice.
We checked out a temple first, and boy, it was stunning.
There’s a whole lot of shopping in Hoi An. Hoi An is also famous for its tailoring. We went to Ba Bi, absolutely the best best tailor in town. She was so focused on quality and her prices were very reasonable. The quality of our clothes, as well as the fit, was absolutely stunning, and both Gabby and I were more than pleased with our purchases.
We did a bit more heritage exploring and really loved the culture found in Hoi An. It was really quite present in the Old Town, and there was still some tradition in everything you saw.
We were told about the Happy Buddha Festival going on and rushed down to the river to see this. We floated some lanterns in the river and prayed to Buddha and it was really such a fabulous experience. It was crazy and crowded, but it was also absolutely perfect.
We also stumbled across these men playing chess by candlelight. How perfect do they look?!
The next day, Gabby and I headed out to the beach. We rented bicycles for $2 for the whole day, and started riding. The traffic was crazy, and although I feared my life a couple times, and a tour bus hit my elbow, we survived.  We also decided to take a little 5 minute detour down a long lonely road, and it was 100% worth it.
This adorable little man was so sweet, helping us get to the beach. He took us to a little vegetable growing village and picked tons of herbs and leaves for us to smell and taste, and then escorted us the 20 minute bike ride to the beach. How sweet!!! He also proceeded to jump into the water with us. He was absolutely adorable and really made our day so special.
That night, we went back into the Old Town of Hoi An and explored a bit. We went to the Japanese Bridge, which was truly stunning, and then headed towards the night market with our hostel friend, Alice.
Here I am wearing a fabulous jumpsuit made at Ba Bi.
Our flight was the next day at 9:50 pm, so Gabby and I decided to take a tour to My Son. It was really incredible, and we met the nicest travelers on the way.
Hoi An was absolutely stunning, and both Gabby and I fell in love with it. We came across the most helpful, kind hearted people, who really made our trip, and the beauty of the Old Town and My Son was a lot to take in.
Although Gabby and I went to Ho Chi Minh City, there won’t be a blog post as we were only there for one day. I didn’t feel as if I got a true feeling for the city, and we barely had time to explore, so I’ll save a blog post on Saigon for later, when I have more to talk about.
Our time in Vietnam was absolutely breathtaking, and I only have positive things to say about the beautiful country and its people. I’ll be back, for sure.

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