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    How to Travel As a Student

    I'm a student, and I've travelled to 41 countries. While some of it has come from living abroad, a LOT of travel has been done as a student. There's this myth that students can't also see the world... That's absolutely untrue! Time and money are the two main factors that get in the way of student travel. Here are my top tips.

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    How to Pack Carry-on Only During Winter

    Winter's a tough time to pack for. With loads of bulky outerwear and tons of fluffy scarves, hats, and socks, it can seem impossible to pack using just a carry-on bag. Don't worry though- it can be done! Here are my top tips for packing carryon during the cold months.

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    unexpected fitness: how I got into the best shape of my life while travelling

    The healthiest I’ve ever been has been while traveling. What?! I know, it’s not the usual. Most of my recent life has been on the road, so this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve settled down a bit now, and I’m trying to incorporate my healthy travel habits into my life here. I wrote a blog post touching some tips a while ago, and while some of the points I made there may be reiterated in this post, this post is more about what works for me, rather than what works in general. I hope you guys try some of my tips and play around with your fitness schedule when…

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    unexpected tips: things to keep in mind for last minute travel planning

    Hi friends! Today’s post is a guest post from TripHobo. I definitely am a sucker for last minute travels if I can find some good deals, and these tips are definitely going to come in handy to make my travels smooth as ever! Planning a trip that is last minute? Whether impulsive or necessary, these trips can be challenging. Do you think the world is your oyster? Well you are right! Have got a destination in mind, but not sure where to stay, what to see, and which train to take to that restaurant you had seen online? Check out this vacation planner that will help you plan your trip…

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    unexpected packing: what to wear & pack for a day hike

    Ever get lost deciding what to wear when going on a day hike? What about what to pack? To bring an extra pair of socks or to not? Don’t fret, my friends! This is my tried and true method of getting dressed for a day of hiking, and ***Bonus*** my packing list! What to wear on a day hike Let’s start top to bottom, shall we? If it’s cold out, I’ll bring a beanie. If it’s sunny, I’ll bring a hat. If it’s not particularly any of those, I’ll skip out. I have a fleece that I love to wear hiking. It keeps me warm but is also quite breathable.…

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    unexpected china: five experiences you MUST have

    Try chou dou fu You’ll smell it WAY before you see it. Miles worse than durian, chou dou fu (stinky tofu) has a smell reminiscent of rotting garbage. So of course I tried it. Compared to the smell, the taste is surprisingly mild. In fact, I even went on to try a bunch of old fermented stinky tofu. That one didn’t go too well. Eat all of the dumplings you can. Xiao long bao (SOUP DUMPLINGS), jiao zi (normal dumplings), bao zi (big BREADY dumplings)! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If you are what you eat, I am definitely a dumpling. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seriously, don’t miss…

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    unexpected southeast asia: 5 favourite cities for solo travelers

    Solo travel in SEA is always a blast. The other travelers are (generally) super warm and friendly, the food is fantastic, the sights beautiful, and the weather, warm (most of the time)! Although you can’t REALLY go wrong traveling in Southeast Asia, here are my TOP 5 destinations for solo travel! Bagan, Myanmar  Bagan is a magical place. The temples, the sunrises, the entire vibe the city showcases are all so conducive to making new friends. Grab an e-bike and ask a new friend if they’d like to explore with you. There’s so much to experience, and after your day focusing on Myanmese culture, head over to New Bagan for…

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    unexpected questions: is nepal safe for solo female travelers?

    I am a solo female traveler. Naturally, this prompts people to ask me about safety. One of the places people ask me about most is Nepal. I’ve traveled to Nepal three times- two of which were solo trips, and I’ve “lived” there for about three months. It’s important to remember that bad things can happen anywhere… quite often, the media portrays developing countries as much more dangerous than western ones… but seriously, there are plenty of shady things going on in the West. I personally feel safer in Nepal than I do in the US, my passport country. In a nutshell, yes, Nepal is safe. But it’s a complex definition…

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    unexpected must haves: 5 things i will aways travel with

    The more I travel, the easier it is for me to decide what to bring. Through plenty of trial and error, I’ve found a couple things that I’ll always bring with me. P O W E R   B A N K Bless my power bank. I only just recently bought one, but it’s quickly become something I NEED. I personally like one that has multiple charges on it. I have a ROMOSS power bank, which can charge my phone up to four times. N O T E B O O K   A N D   P E N S I will never ever ever travel without my journal…

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    unexpected notes: a open letter to first time solo travelers

    Dear First Time Solo Traveler, You’ve booked your ticket or you’re on the road: either way, you’re doing this. You’re embarking on a journey full of uncertainty and unknowns, but what you don’t know is that you will be learning so much about yourself and the world around you. You’ll come across situations that will make you cry or scream or want to come home, but don’t. The toughest situations are often the ones that you grow the most from. My experiences traveling solo have been the best travels I’ve encountered so far. They’ve been full of happiness and movie magic and all sorts of clichés. They’re the journeys in…