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    Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Travellers

    It's easy to fall into some unhealthy patterns while constantly on the road. After living a nomadic lifestyle for about two years, I learned to incorporate some healthy practices into my life to keep me grounded, healthy, and sane. Here are the ones that I found the easiest to implement!

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    Healthy Holiday Destinations for Every Budget

    Holiday season is here, meaning holiday weight probably is coming too! Personally, I find NOTHING wrong with having a little extra winter fluff, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it disappearing either! Imagine having a relaxing holiday and staying in your tip-top shape! Enter the concept of a healthy holiday. These have been becoming more and more popular. Fitness-centered getaways- some with a resort/tour, some independently done! Today I’m sharing a grand total of SIX healthy holiday destinations – two budget, two mid-range, and two luxury. I’ve been to/will be going to every single one of these destinations EXCEPT for the luxury ones (but a girl can dream right?! Don’t…

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    unexpected fitness: how I got into the best shape of my life while travelling

    The healthiest I’ve ever been has been while traveling. What?! I know, it’s not the usual. Most of my recent life has been on the road, so this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve settled down a bit now, and I’m trying to incorporate my healthy travel habits into my life here. I wrote a blog post touching some tips a while ago, and while some of the points I made there may be reiterated in this post, this post is more about what works for me, rather than what works in general. I hope you guys try some of my tips and play around with your fitness schedule when…

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    unexpected dreams: fitness vacation

    Let’s talk about some wanderlust! Fitness and travel are two things that I’d absolutely love to intertwine. While possible, I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest thing to do. Enter the concept of a dream fitness vacation. I recently came across Tommy John, who is currently promoting their “Go Anywhere” line with a mission to make sure people are comfortable no matter the destination or activity. Let’s jump into it. Location Sikkim, India What could be better than waking up, doing some yoga surrounded by massive mountains, and finishing up with a cup of chai? Sikkim, India is the perfect place for this. I personally feel a super strong mind-body-spirit connection…

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    unexpected fitness: a guide to eating healthy in singapore

    Eating healthy hasn’t always been easy for me. It’s a choice I love to make now, but when I was just getting started, it was always a little bit of a chore. The most encouraging, helpful thing during that time was to excite myself about eating healthy, wholesome food. Singapore, while maintaining its cultural, greasy, delicious hawker food, has introduced quite a few restaurants with health as their first priority, and they’re continuing to pop up. I’ve tried quite a few of them… here are my favourites. Kitchen by Food Rebel This place is SUCH a fantastic place to eat if you’re on a lifestyle diet (Keto, Slow Carb, Atkins,…