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    The Best Place to Travel Every Month in 2018

    Have some time off in 2018? I’m sharing the best places to travel every month in 2018! Read on and get planning! January: East Coast, Australia Need to escape the cold? Head over to the East Coast of Australia! With Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairnes, Byron Bay, Sydney, and Melbourne all lining the coast, you can’t get bored! You could even make this a massive road trip. February: Myanmar This is a great time to go to Myanmar, as the heat isn’t so intense as it would be in the summertime. It’s also a pretty dry time in the country. Go explore hundreds (even thousands!) of temples and ruins in Bagan,…

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    unexpected overview: 2017 in a nutshell

    This year has been one of the best thus far. The Numbers Total Kilometers Travelled: 52,209 km In the Air (by plane): 41,928 km On the Tracks (by train): 5,447 km On the Road (by bus): 4,460 km On foot (trekking/hiking): 374 km Days on the Road: 192 – 52% of the year and the same as last year! Countries Covered: 8 New ones: 2 (Myanmar & Mongolia) Cities: 31 Plane Rides: 20 Train Rides: 20 Long Distance Bus Rides: 17 Beds Slept In: 67 Nights in a Tent: 14 SIM Cards: 9 Blog Posts: 110 The Behind the Screen It’s been a year full of highs and lows, blog-wise. I’ve…

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    unexpected eats: 5 treats in Boston!

    When I lived in Massachusetts, one of my favourite things to do was to take the train to the city and have a day of walking around, window-shopping, and grabbing some good food. Over the couple years that I called Boston my home, I’d found some favourite places to eat, whether for a snack or full-blown meal. Want to know my top 5? Read on. Mike’s Pastries Whenever anyone tells me they’re going to Boston, I tell them they MUST go here and get a cannoli. The shells are cripsy, the filling is creamy and rich, and there are plenty of variations, so you’ll never get sick of them! I dream about…

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    unexpected eats: making hainanese chicken rice

    When away from home, there’s nothing better than comfort food. Though we aren’t exactly away from home, we’re settling into a new one. Singapore is the kind of place that charms you, and well, despite being incredibly excited about relocating to Europe, we miss our Singapore home! So I decided to make some good old Hainanese Chicken Rice. This is the national dish of Singy, and though I did bring a bunch of packets of chicken rice paste to Europe with me, I wanted to make it from scratch. I decided to use this recipe, though I made some changes. Your ingredients are really easy to find in Europe. Some…

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    unexpected festivals: is badenfahrt worth the trip?

    Badenfahrt is a decennial 10 day festival in Baden, Switzerland, just outside of Zurich. It’s supposedly one of the most crowded events in Switzerland, with people rushing from all over the country to this small town. My family and I were under the weather, so we weren’t so keen on travelling out to a crowded town for the day, but considering our habit of living in places for no more than six years, who knew if we’d make the next one?! Because this festival only happens every decade, and because it was the LAST day to go, we decided to head out. From Basel, it’s an hour train ride to…

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    unexpected lessons: how i maintain a positive mindset

    Hey, guys! I want to have a heart to heart with you guys. I feel like after all you’ve done for me, I owe it to you to share my twenty-year-old, oh-so-wise, knowledge 😉 But in all seriousness, I’ve overcome years of a negative mindset, and I like to think that I’m currently a pretty positive, glass-half-full, little miss sunshine kinda gal. A couple years ago, I had this ‘light switch’ moment, and I suddenly saw the beauty in everything I was able to see and do. I had met someone who had influenced me; who showed me a glimpse of who I wanted to be; someone who made me…

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    unexpected wanderlust: 10 photos that will make you book a flight to yunnan

    As you read this, I’ll have left my Chinese school! It’s crazy to think that before I had come here, I didn’t want to study Chinese, as so many lovely things have come from this experience, in addition to more solid Chinese. Yunnan is the province I’d chosen to study within… Honestly, the reason I picked Yunnan was that it had mountains. I know, a silly reason, but a reason nonetheless. Yunnan has more than mountains. It’s surpassed all expectations I had for it. Need any inspiration to visit? Just keep scrollin’.  

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    unexpected neighborhoods : kampong glam

    If you’re visiting Singapore, don’t miss the often overlooked area of Kampong Glam! It’s my favourite part of Singapore, simply because there’s so much culture within the area. I particularly love Haji Lane, the old “hipster” street. It’s become much more upscale in the past few years, but has retained some of its alternative roots. Take a walk down the lane, making sure to stop in some of the stores. If you’re feeling hungry, I highly recommend Going Om. Going Om is a very zen, very down to earth kind of place, reminiscent of cafes in Nepal. And that makes sense, considering the owner was inspired by the Himalayas when…