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    An Australia East Coast Itinerary

    The East Coast of Australia is something everyone should see. There's a mix of incredible cities (like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne) and beautiful white sand beaches. I think one of the best ways to see it is just to start at the North and travel down it! Here's my guide to Australia's East Coast.

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    unexpected tips: the best places for first time travelers

    I get it- traveling overseas is a big jump, and it can be scary. Trust me, I’ve been there. I have to say however, making that jump will be the best decision of your life, despite the airfare being the worst for your wallet! International travel brings out a new side of you and your outlook on the world around us; you’ll wonder why you didn’t start international travel earlier! Here are my favorite international destinations for first timers! Thailand This country is a wonderful destination, full of utter beauty, friendly locals, and adventurous souls! The food is delicious, and while you still have to be careful with what you eat,…

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    unexpected sydney

    SYDNEY IS GREAT. There’s so much to do here and the weather has been wonderful and Jazi and I both have friends here and it’s been a really lovely time. We’ve really just been exploring all of the tourist sites and around because we can’t seem to fit those AND not so touristy things into our stay here! Our first day we spent round the CBD, Opera House, and royal botanic gardens, which was a really lowkey but wonderful day. We decided to have a very relaxed & slow day because neither of us slept too well on the 15 hour overnight bus. We also checked out The Rocks and…

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    unexpected byron

    Byron Bay is beautiful. The ocean is strikingly blue with waves barreling into shore, the sand is soft and white, the air smells and tastes like saltwater. Byron is the kind of beach town mermaids would dream of living in. Unfortunately, as Jazi and I found out, beauty can be expensive. Byron Bay is ooooodles more expensive than Brisbane, which is odd because Byron is also a hippie town with old dying vans and a vibe that just screams that there are more important things in life than wealth. Our stay in Byron Bay was short, but we made it very very sweet. …well that’s not entirely true. We definitely…

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    unexpected brisbane

    After spending nearly a week in Brisbane, it’s a little sad to say goodbye, but I am so so so incredibly excited to move onto Byron Bay! I found my time in Brisbane to be really exciting because Jazi came and joined me after two nights here! During those first two nights, I thoroughly explored the central business district and the super lively Queen Street area, where I enjoyed people watching and walking along the river. I looked at 2 museums, which was a great way to escape the rain, and I also made a friend in my hostel, who I ended up going out with to a bar and…

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    unexpected gold coast

    Helloooo from Australia! I’m currently exploring surfers paradise, but I’ll be taking little day trips to all around the Gold Coast before heading my way up to Brisbane. For now, I’m traveling solo, but Jazi may or may not meet up with me depending on certain situations. My plane took off from Changi at 10:20 pm last night, and I arrived at 8:05 am in Gold Coast. Border security had to come onto the plane before we could disembark because a family got sick on the flight, and luckily, we were cleared (yay no quarantine)! After going through immigration and customs and whatnot, I headed over to the domestic arrival…