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    unexpected itineraries: two weeks in thailand

    Let’s talk about Thailand! Thailand is a great place. Sure, there are the 18-year-old gap-yearers running full force towards the full moon parties, and there are those who call themselves “true backpackers” who think Thailand has become too touristy, but Thailand is a gem. If you’re doing a massive Southeast Asia trip, I’d recommending going to Thailand. While there are loads of wonderful places in the region, it isn’t a Southeast Asia trip without Thailand! Two weeks is a great amount of time to spend in Thailand- you’ll get to see the North and South (my two favourite parts), and explore the cities within them. I’d start in the North…

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    10 signs you’ve backpacked in southeast asia

    1. You own elephant pants or fisherman pants 2. You have this picture (or a very similar one) did you even go to Asia if you didn’t get to see some elephants? 3. You know food poisoning is not an “if,” but a “when” and you know that it’s NOT going to be a fun couple hours/days 4. You love street animals dogs, cats, all of them! 5. Your first aid kit becomes your most prized possession Food poisoning, upset stomach, headache? “I have stuff for that.” 6. You’ve had a bucket and you know how dangerous they are 7. Mosquito repellent = liquid gold 8. You’ve grown to like…

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    unexpected krabi: monkey path and a private beach?!

    Early last year, I posted unexpected krabi. That was posted when this blog was more of a “hey follow me on my gap year” sort of thing. I mentioned monkey path and a resort beach, and I thought it would be helpful to go a little more in depth on those. Getting to a Resort Beach via Monkey Path When in Ao Nang, facing the water, walk left until you hit the pedestrian-only street. This is going the opposite direction of Ao Nang Pier and towards all of the longtail boats for hire. Continue walking through the pedestrian walkway until you hit bars on the sand. Keep walking and you’ll find a…

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    unexpected reads: The Beach

    I love books. Even before I could read, I’d recite books read to me. I bring books on all of my travels and don’t mind the extra weight they take up. Unfortunately, I don’t get to read for pleasure as much as I’d like to. It’s actually a resolution of mine to read more. What better way to get myself into the reading habit than by starting a blog series on travel books? Every once in a while, I’ll be posting & introducing you to new books that I’ve found a liking to! First book, here we go! The Beach by Alex Garland Where I got it: I picked this up…

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    unexpeted itineraries: popular southeast asia

    Southeast Asian Itineraries I may not have lived in Southeast Asia all my life, but to me, this beautiful little region is home. The best memories from my childhood come from tubing down a river in Laos (yes, the one that was known for death by bar hopping/drugs) and playing with elephants in Chiang Mai, with some rock climbing in China thrown in there. I moved to Singapore to finish high school and made more memories of Southeast Asia, from clubbing until sunrise with my classmates to climbing over 1000 vertical meters up Mt. Kinabalu. And finally, throughout my gap year, I had spent time bouncing around Southeast Asian countries,…

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    unexpected wanderlust: 10 photos that will make you book a flight to thailand

    Thailand is a home away from home. There’s something for everyone within it’s borders, whether you fancy the cool jungle up North or the beautiful beaches down South. It’s my top choice for first time Asia travelers. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Krabi, the Phi Phi Islands, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai. Also, I’d just like to mention that the King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has passed away. He was a wonderful leader who made Thailand a country full of happiness and culture, who truly made Thailand the Land of Smiles. Rest in Peace.  

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    unexpected tips: the best places for first time travelers

    I get it- traveling overseas is a big jump, and it can be scary. Trust me, I’ve been there. I have to say however, making that jump will be the best decision of your life, despite the airfare being the worst for your wallet! International travel brings out a new side of you and your outlook on the world around us; you’ll wonder why you didn’t start international travel earlier! Here are my favorite international destinations for first timers! Thailand This country is a wonderful destination, full of utter beauty, friendly locals, and adventurous souls! The food is delicious, and while you still have to be careful with what you eat,…

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    How to Be a Sustainable Traveler

    Being a Sustainable/Conscientious Traveler As travel continues to bring more and more tourists to developing countries, their tourism industry grows. As wonderful as it is to provide economic stimulation to a country, there are certainly some drawbacks to the flood of new businesses within them. Here’s how I like to be a “conscientious” traveller, someone aware of my footprint left in a country. Bring Filters Water bottles are AWFUL for the environment, and while I understand that you need to drink filtered water, I am NOT an advocate of buying plastic water bottles. Instead, I like to filter my own water. My family has used our SteriPEN for years. It’s an…