Healthy Holiday Destinations for Every Budget

Holiday season is here, meaning holiday weight probably is coming too! Personally, I find NOTHING wrong with having a little extra winter fluff, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it disappearing either! Imagine having a relaxing holiday and staying in your tip-top shape!

Enter the concept of a healthy holiday. These have been becoming more and more popular. Fitness-centered getaways- some with a resort/tour, some independently done!

Today I’m sharing a grand total of SIX healthy holiday destinations – two budget, two mid-range, and two luxury.

I’ve been to/will be going to every single one of these destinations EXCEPT for the luxury ones (but a girl can dream right?! Don’t worry- the luxury ones are places I’ve researched through and through).


Pokhara, Nepal


I know, I know… I’ve mentioned Nepal yet AGAIN. People don’t often think of Pokhara as a healthy destination, but it truly is! Just imagine rowing a canoe on Phewa Tal, going for a day hike (or weekend hike!), and cycling up to Sarangkot. And at the end of it all? Eating some hearty vegetable momos or some hummus from Or2k.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand


Though some Thai islands are definitely known for their full moon parties, this island is not one of those! This island is just being discovered and resorts are coming in. Beat the crowds and head out there now! It’s a great place to splash around in the water, take a kayak out into the ocean, and try out rock climbing.



Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain




Tenerife is a popular party hot spot for UK nationals and residents, but there’s so much more to this place. Tenerife has loads of spots for cycling, snorkeling, and hiking. You can even climb Spain’s highest volcano (/mountain), Tiede. Just know you need to organize a permit beforehand!

Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, an urban and upcoming city, is a great place for a fitness holiday. Cycle near the water and just go sightseeing- the hills are definitely a good workout. Eating healthy is easy and delicious here- try the fresh seafood.



Ibiza, Spain




Ibiza is more than blurry days and nights these days. The North is quickly becoming a fitness holiday destination. Embark on a week-long retreat where you’re led through fun workouts, prepared food by healthy chefs, and massaged during sunset.

Zermatt, Switzerland




This is a fabulous holiday if you’re looking for some fun fitness. During the Summer, Zermatt is a popular hiking destination, with loads of routes taking you to mind-blowing views of the Swiss Alps. During wintertime, skiing your way down slopes is the way to burn calories, stay active, and have fun.


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