unexpected wanderlust watchlist (4)

Hello hello! Another month, another wanderlust watchlist!

For those of you new to Unexpected Occurrence, Wanderlust Watchlist is a monthly series I do, in which I share three different destinations that have caught my eye!

Sometimes it features places you guys have shared with me, so leave a comment with where you’re lusting after. Maybe it’ll appear in the next month!


A flatmate of mine is from Kenya, and after hearing about it, I became so interested in going! I know, an entire country is a massive amount of space to cover, but I’m telling you, every place I’ve looked up looks worth a visit.


Iceland has appeared as a top destination in the past year or so… seriously, these days, who HASN’T been to Iceland (besides me!)?! This place has gained recognition for good reason- the waterfalls, glaciers, and cities all look stunning.

Cusco, Peru

Cusco, a city in Southeastern Peru, is full of history, natural beauty, and modern culture. It’s the gateway city to beautiful scenery, and the city itself has so much to offer. Home of the old Inca Empire, you’re bound to learn about its past and the lasting effects of the empire.

Where are you guys lusting over? Let me know down below!

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