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unexpected travel must haves: summer edition

Summer is in FULL SWING, which means tank tops, beach holidays, shorts, tropical fruits, and happiness!

Besides the typical sunscreen, water bottle, hair tie deal, there are loads of essentials I take when traveling that make summer incredible.

What’s been on my radar this summer? Here are my summer must haves!


Summer often means lounging around, and even if it doesn’t, it’s always nice to end a busy day with some bedtime reading. My favourite summer reads are easy reads, which often means lugging around multiple books at a time. Enter the iPad (or Kindle or tablet). I can take travel guides, novels, short stories, fitness guides, and pretty much whatever book I’d like along with me, all at one weight.

Any book recommendations? Let me know.


Ah yes, this is going to be quite controversial. There are two kinds of people in this world: Birkenstock lovers and Birkenstock haters. I’m a LOVER. Jesus shoes, Dorkenstocks, the ugliest shoe to ever exist… Call ’em what you want, but these shoes are seriously comfy. Even after walking kilometer upon kilometer in them. I’ve taken them on most of my travels and I love them.

Rehydration Sachets

These suckers are fabulous for rehydrating… and we always need some rehydration during summertime, whether due to exploring under the baking sun or a few too many pina coladas.

Aloe Vera

What may seem a basic summer staple is actually MUCH more. Get fresh aloe and you can add it to refresh some summertime drink favourites (so yum!), or buy 100% aloe vera (non-edible) and use it as an all around moisturiser/sun relief. You can also use it for dry hair (which we all get during the summer- especially if we’re swimming in chlorine or salt water).

What are your summer must haves?

Talk soon, have a lovely summer, friends!


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