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Hello, friends!

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to travel… even if we’ve got a BAD case of the travel bug, occasionally, we just don’t know where to go!

And so I introduce… Wanderlust Watchlist! This is going to be a new little blog series where each month, I highlight THREE destinations on my radar.

Here goes- July’s Wanderlust Watchlist.

Hampi, India

I have never heard anyone say they didn’t LOVE Hampi. Hampi is an ancient village in South India, home to many temple ruins. Definitely been lusting over Hampi since I first heard about it.

Tehran, Iran

Tehran is somewhere I’ve been DYING to see. Mountains, beautiful architecture, and warm people… What else could you want?! Unfortunately due to current politics, Iran is a no-go for me for the next four years.


I know, I know… an entire country is SO general, but the whole of Mongolia seems incredible. It’s also not super explored yet, so I can’t pinpoint certain locations… Definitely a place to go to.

Where do you want to go?

xx Anya

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