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unexpected treks: annapurna base camp

This truly was an unexpected little trek!

I decided to do the Annapurna Circuit Trek for the SECOND time. I just can’t get enough of the mountains.

I’ve already blogged about my experience doing this trek (which you can read here), although that was exactly what I posted: my experience. This post will be much more in depth, and hopefully more helpful!

Here’s everything you need to know about the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) trek.

DAY 1: Jeep to Kimche, Trek from Kimche to Chomrong.

Our goal was to complete Annapurna Base Camp and come back to Pokhara for Holi. To ensure we had enough time to finish the trek, we started walking as far along the trail as we could get. That’s Kimche.

We decided to split a jeep amongst the three of us. A jeep to Kimche is 4800 rupees. This is definitely expensive, but it’s also a REALLY comfortable way to get to the start of your trek. I recommend it! It saves a day of trekking and is very efficient!

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After being dropped off, and having a cup of tea (and a Rad Boll for Ayden 😉 ),  we were off!


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I found this day to be quite hard, as I was finding myself really out of shape, struggling to get up the steep stairs as quickly as my friends. I was out of my trekking groove. There was a fair bit of steep uphill, but the toughest part was definitely the mental aspect.


It took us about seven hours to walk to Chomrong.

In Chomrong, we stayed at the Mona Lisha (not a typo) Guesthouse, and took not one, but TWO, trips to the German Bakery for hot chocolate.

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The Mona Lisha offers hot showers for 100 rupees.

The room itself was 100 rupees. It was super clean and it had the most wonderful view of Macchupuchre, Annapurna South, and Annapurna I.

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My total bill (breakfast, dinner, & a room) was 690 rupees (just under USD $7).

DAY 2: Chomrong to Dovan

This day was much easier! After getting a feel for my breathing, the steep uphill after descending from Chomrong was not too terrible!


After Upper Sinuwa, the trail leveled out a bit, which made the pace much quicker. There was one steep descent and then ascent in between Upper Sinuwa and Dovan, but it was not a really tough day, and it wasn’t too long, either! We left Chomrong at 9:30 am and reached Dovan by 2:30pm, with a stop in Upper Sinuwa for lunch.

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I had a hot shower in Dovan; it was the hottest shower I’ve had in Nepal! Dovan gets quite chilly, but the teahouse provided really warm blankets to throw on top of our sleeping bags. A room was 200 rupees and there was a noticeable increase in food prices.


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My total bill (including the room and 200 rupee shower) was 1250 rupees.

DAY 3: Dovan to Deurali

This was a really easy day (relative to the past two days)! The uphill bits were quite gradual, and the sun was shining! It was beautiful and wonderful and the entire walk was full of stunning views of the Annapurnas and Macchupuchre.


India and I decided to stop at Deurali, but Ayden kept going up! We could have potentially made it to Annapurna Base Camp this day but we didn’t want to rush through the trek (and we were moving much quicker than we had anticipated) or have any altitude problems. We left at 7:15 am and arrived by 10:40am.

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It was really cold at this elevation, and it started snowing really heavily. Microspikes are helpful from here on (if there is snow). We heard that ABC had five feet of snow and that it was -17 degrees out!

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DAY 4: Deurali to Annapurna Base Camp

What a wonderful day! The walk from Deurali to ABC is quite gradual, but you feel the effects of the altitude, especially on your breathing.


There was a lot of snow on the ground, which made the trail slippery, but the ascent was so beautiful and it wasn’t a hard day.


ABC is really cold, so wear your warmest layers! ALSO wear sunscreen (I got very sunburnt).


We spent the rest of the day and night meeting wonderful people, playing cards, and watching people drink a little too much raksi (I avoided it due to a not so wonderful experience with it).

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Just like the last time I was at Annapurna Base Camp, the people you meet up there really make the trip. It was an absolutely wonderful time (even when we thought the storm was going to get us stuck at ABC for 5 days).


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DAY 5: Annapurna Base Camp to Chomrong

Luckily, the skies were clear enough for us to leave the next morning without a huge risk of avalanches. There was about two feet of freshly fallen snow (on top of more snow), so walking back to Deurali was a little tiring, but a really fun walk.


From there, it was slippery in the slush, but past the town Himalaya, the snow had melted. It was a long day of trekking (mostly descending except for two steep ascents).

It was a tiring day that made our muscles sore, but the promise of hot showers at Chomrong propelled us through the slight rain and exhaustion.

We had our last morning waking up to the mountains here.


DAY 6: Chomrong to Jinu Danda

This was a very easy day. Literally one hour downhill. It was a little painful on our sore legs, but we spent most of the day hiding from the rain, cozying up with lemon tea and fooooood!

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There are hot springs at Jinu Danda, but I couldn’t have been bothered to walk down to them in the rain. There’s a photo of them in THIS blog post.

DAY 7: Jinu Danda to Siwai

This was possibly my favourite day! There was a fair bit of up and down, but the memories of walking the exact same path last time I was there put me into a weird mood that just pushed me to keep going!

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From Siwai, we caught a 350 rupee bus back to Pokhara, and that was the end of our wonderful week in the Himalayas.

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