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unexpected intern (life update)

I haven’t written about travel or life or anything really in the past two weeks and that’s because I’ve been super busy with my internship! Before I started, I couldn’t possibly imagine loving work, especially when I *could* be traveling, but honestly, this internship has already taught me loads already. Not only about biotech, but about myself too. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in how I’m looking to the future and interacting with people and suiting up for the real world. I would always joke with the people I met whilst traveling about going back to reality, and the word ‘reality’ always had such a negative connotation, but here I am, in the midst of reality, thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.
The company I’m interning at is such a melting pot of different cultures and religion and kinds of people, which I just adore. It’s not just that there are tons of people from everywhere in the world, it’s how they all integrate as one unit and work together so seamlessly. It feels as if there’s no segregation in any way. The international workplace, as well as my past year abroad, has opened my eyes up to a whole new plethora of options regarding my future. There isn’t only the United States to spend the rest of my life in and I want more than anything, to finish university and start working overseas immediately. I just can’t imagine myself staying in The States for the rest of my life, now knowing that there are so many more options out there.
I’ll be in Singapore interning at this company for the next 12 weeks. Just next week, I’ll be a quarter done with it, which is so hard to believe. Time has flown by and it’s made me realize that I need to soak up every minute of this opportunity.
I haven’t really had much of a life outside of work. As rewarding as it is, it’s exhausting! I wake up at 5:45am every morning, sometimes 4:30 if I go on a run, and start commuting at 6:30. I work from 8am-5pm and get home at 6:30. I eat dinner, work a bit (I’m working on a little project- you’ll see what it is later!), pack my lunch up for the next day, then crash. My fitness level has gone down dramatically as I’ve been sitting at a desk for most of the day, so my next goal is to start exercising regularly again.
That’s my life right now. It’s a little hectic transitioning from high school/gap year to real “adult” life, but I like it. There’s still a bunch I have to figure out (like how to be active with nearly no spare time), but I’ve got 10 more weeks to figure it out!

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