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How to Go to Johor Bahru from Singapore & What I've Been Up To!

Being back in Singapore has been hard. It’s difficult to go from traveling and having the time of your life to going back home, and my parents totally get that, being the OG travelers they are. That being said, I’m happy to be home and surrounded with family loveeeee! I’ve missed my mum, dad, and Squish to bits and being reunited makes for a happy heart!
To keep me out of a weird post travel funk, Mamabear has been taking me around Singapore, helping me feel as if I’m exploring yet another new place. And it’s been lovely! Monday, we walked along East Coast with her walking group, part of the American Women’s Association. It’s weird chatting with these adults who I would have previously seen as authoritative figures as friends, but it’s also super nice being treated like an adult, being asked about my life and travels and all that jazz.
Although one woman found it funny that my mother let me travel the world by myself, but still locked the door of the cab when I was in it and reminded me to put on my seatbelt.
Yesterday we (madre & I) went biking to Esplanade. It was hot hot hot, but still a beautiful ride along the Singapore River and Marina Bay. We stopped not once, not twice, but THREE times for drinks and chatting. It was so so wonderful. After that, we were pooped to say the least and headed home, stopping for groceries on the way back.

And what a lovely dinner we had! We decided to eat upstairs on the terrace, which we haven’t done since we moved here! We made it a little party, with new placemats and coconuts for my sister and I (and beer for the ‘rents). I didn’t realize how much I missed having family meals and being at home until recently.

Being home has just made me realize that I have the most supportive parents in the world. They wanted me to have the best travels (which I have had!!!) and that’s because they know exactly how traveling influences you and the person you become. I’m so so lucky to have parents who wanted to share that with me and encourage me to see the world. They’re the most amazing and inspirational people, and I can only hope to be just like them when I grow up!!!
Today Mommy & Me camp continued with a trip up to Johor Bahru with Mum’s friend, Heather, the sweetest woman!!! I couldn’t wait to explore more of Malaysia. It’s so close (20 minutes away from my old school!!!) and I feel like because of that close proximity, I take it for granted and never actually go there. Yay for more explorations!!!!
We took the MRT (Singapore’s subway/metro/tube) to Kranji, where we hopped downstairs and caught the Causeway Link bus to the border. We had to alight and go through SG immigration, then get back on the bus, which took us to the Malaysia immigrations checkpoint. From there, we walked through JB Sentral and the CitySquare Mall to a super cute area. It reminded me of Singapore’s Haji Lane. There wasn’t a super super set plan for our day trip to JB, it was more of an explore-slash-get-to-know-the-city sorta day.

We stopped for lunch at a place called the Drum Cafe. What a find. The cafe is home to the 24 Festive Drums, which hang from the ceiling. Each drum represents one of the 24 yearly cycles (there are 2 cycles a month). In addition to being a little bit of a historic find, the cafe served amazing food! I had soup and Chinese Mango Tea, which was so so yummy!

After lunch, we headed over to the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, the oldest in JB! The inside unfortunately isn’t open, but we wandered around the grounds as the call to prayer sounded. Super lovely moment. The Mosque was beautiful and interestingly enough, in a really colonial style. By this point, we three ladies were super overheated (it was a scorcher of a day) and decided to walk back to the CitySquare mall. We got frozen yogurt hehe. I got chocolate and strawberries on top of my mine which was such a treat.

We decided to take the train to get home (Singapore) for 5 ringgit. We were at JB Sentral 30 minutes ahead of time (like instructed) but the train was delayed. We went through security/customs and then boarded the train! It was super comfy and easy, but time consuming as well. The bus is better under some circumstances, but the train was super comfy and had its pros as well. We arrived in Singapore and woo home!

Being in Singapore opens up the ability to travel loads. It’s just so easy to travel throughout Southeast Asia. I’m going to miss my foreign day trips and excursions 🙁
What a past couple of days exploring the areas around me. So blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.
Till next time xx

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