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I know, I’ve already posted today, but hey, I have a fourteen hour layover; I’ve had time to think and I definitely have time to kill.
As I was sitting in the Muscat Airport, I found myself in need of a little inspiration. I just know that if I were just to step outside the airport and into Muscat, inspiration would hit me like a tsunami, but unfortunately, I got stuck inside the airport, and found myself asking friends and family, “have you read a book that has changed your life?” Everyone said no. With no help from my beloved, I turned to the only thing that knows absolutely everything: Google. “Life changing novels,” was typed into the search bar many times, and I had read through dozens of opinions, but nothing stood out as something I was truly excited about and wanted to just bury my nose into.
So then I thought, “Why are all of these answers so different?” 
And I can only presume that no one has exactly the same answer, because everyone has a different story, and everyone, when trying to find something life changing, is looking for a different story.
To some people, a life changing novel is a story that fuels you with desire for love or travel or happiness, to others, it’s a how-to novel. How to be more creative, how to be happy… An algorithm for a “perfect” lifestyle. No questions, just answers. And to others, a life changing novel is one that just makes you laugh or smile or cry, a novel that makes you feel. 
I’m on the hunt for a life changing novel to read. I guess it would help to figure out exactly what I’m looking for. So for all of you who’ve stuck through reading this post, here’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a novel that makes me question everything I’ve known to believe, a book that makes me doubt my own opinions and realize that there is so much more to everything than we think. That doesn’t mean that the book has to have a certain complexity to it, because I’d be perfectly content reading childrens’ books, but it does need to make me question myself.
That is life changing to me. Self doubt, in the post pure and positive form, is life changing. I’m sorry if this post seems utterly unbearably cheesy, but I’m on the hunt for this book. And once I find it, I’ll  let you know ALL about it.
One last thing before I go head to the closest overpriced airport bookstore: What do you consider life changing? I know everyone has a slightly different answer, and I’ve become infatuated with this question and I can’t fathom how there are billions of people in the world with billions of different answers.

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  • Auntie Karen

    Maybe not life changing, but certainly illuminating: I read this a long time ago and parts of it still stick with me:
    Joseph Campbell’s Primitive Mythology, the Masks of God. He is a writer/researcher of comparative religions…Don’t get too bored! There is always a book out there for you!

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