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I’ll be leaving for Europe tomorrow (ahh!) and I thought that it would be helpful and interesting to do a little “pack with me” packing list sort of thing. Just a disclaimer, this is NOT going to be a backpackers list. I’m not packing as lightly as I typically would since I won’t be backpacking around, however, all of my stuff easily fits in a 55 liter backpack, and I’ll show you HOW I pack for trips, whether that be a backpacking trip or luxury vacation (pssh, as if!). My bag is the Deuter Aircontact 40 + 10 SL made specifically for women. I can only say good things about this bag. I hiked around Cinque Terra with this pack and never felt an ache or pain in my shoulders or back. I was exhausted, definitely, but the backpack was incredibly comfortable and I couldn’t be more pleased.
Whenever I’m packing for a trip, I have a certain way of thinking and planning. Since I haven’t had any misfortunes, and usually my trips run smoothly (when it comes to packing, at least), I thought I’d share my system with you.
Step 1: Check the Weather
The weather is so so important to take note of before you start packing for your trip. Sure, maybe you’re going somewhere that’s “always warm” or cold, but you never know when a cold or warm front could come your way, and you do not want to be stuck with the complete wrong wardrobe. The weather in Austria and Switzerland will be in the high teens and low twenties while I’m visiting, so I know I’ll be cold coming from Singapore, and that heavier materials and longer clothing will be appropriate.
Step 2: Research the Culture
I like to fit in as a traveler. I don’t like to stick out like a sore thumb, and much prefer to act, think, and look like a local when traveling, so I check the customs of the host culture. You don’t want to be totally disrespectful and show up to a temple or church in a tiny little tube top and shorts, so check out what the expectations are. I know that Austria and Switzerland are typically a bit more formal, so I know it’s appropriate for me to dress up a little more in my day to day wear.
Step 3: *Mentally* Plan your Activites
What are you going to be doing on your trip? I don’t think a big explanation is needed for this step. I’ll be hiking and working out, as well as exploring the cities, while I’m gone, so I have quite a wide variety of things to pack.
Step 4: Stop, Breathe, & Think.
Packing can get a bit overwhelming… It’s important not to get stressed out and throw your entire wardrobe into your suitcase. Mentally prepare and think of what’s good, and then move on to…
Step 5: Actually Pack
Yep, time to get to it. I always forget things if I don’t write out a list, so take that extra step if you’re a bit forgetful. If not, just move onto packing. I’ll be gone for about 3 weeks, and here’s my list of things to pack.

  1. shirts (5)
  2. pants (2)
  3. dress (1)
  4. walking shoes
  5. workout trainers
  6. dressy shoes
  7. workout leggings (1)
  8. workout tops (2)
  9. down jacket (1)
  10. blazer (2)
  11. underwear (5)
  12. socks (4)
  13. bras (2)
  14. makeup bag
    1. mascara
    2. concealer
    3. BB cream
    4. powder
    5. lip balm
    6. tweezers
  15. deodorant
  16. toothbrush
  17. toothpaste
  18. hairbrush
  19. day bag
  20. medication
  21. wallet
  22. credit cards
  23. phone
  24. charger
  25. adapter
  26. laptop
  27. charger
  28. cash
  29. passports
  30. ID
  31. PJs
  32. belt
  33. umbrella
  34. swimsuit
  35. flip flops
  36. glasses
  37. sunglasses
  38. day bag/purse
  39. travel locks
  40. camera
  41. headphones
  42. sunscreen
  43. razors
  44. tissues
  45. bandaids

So that’s it! Yes, it seems like a ton, but it really isn’t (Really, how much space are a couple bandaids going to take up?).
Now, onto
How I Pack
Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize!!! That is the BIGGEST tip I can give you guys. Packing cubes are a total lifesaver. I swear by those. You can stuff your entire wardrobe into just one “large” square, and it takes up no space at all! Stuff knick knacks and small items (umbrellas, chargers, etc) in your shoes. Put all toiletries in a small bag. I promise you, putting things into little packages will save your life.
Hopefully with my tips you’ll avoid [totally] overpacking, while still bringing everything you need:)

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